Sukha Kahlon Age, Wife, Death, Brother, Family, Gangster

Sukhbir Singh Kahlon, also known as Sukha Kahlon, is a notorious Punjabi gangster who is popular not only in Punjab but also throughout Hindustan for his helpful, lion-hearted, and brave nature. Various difficult circumstances made him a gangster. This post is about Sukha Kahlon Age, Wife, Death, Brother, Family, and Gangster.

Sukha was 28 years old when he died, and his fame has grown since the filming. The government of Punjab was not allowing the release of this movie because of the risk of provoking aggressive feelings. Also, enjoy reading about well-known YouTuber Lilliana’s brother, Caden Ketchman.

Sukha Kahlon Date of Birth

Sukha’s full name is Sukhvir Singh Kahlwan. In addition, he celebrated his birthday on June 21st. Moreover, Sukha’s parents gave birth to him in Kahlon, Kapurthala, and Jalandhar, Punjab, in 1987. He remained in Punjab his entire life with his relatives because his parents had to go to work. There were some legal issues with Sulha; that is the reason he had to stay in Punjab.

Full nameLate Sukhveer Singh Kahlwan(1987-2015)
Born21 june,1987 in village kahlwan in distt. Kapurthala
Died21 January,2015(aged 28)Phagwara, Punjab
Cause of deathgunshot
Total Cases48 
QualificationBA Drop out
Known forgangster, Robber, contract, sharpshooter
Marital StatusDivorced
SiblingsSonu kahlwan is his elder brother, who also died in police custody.
Land Ownership150 acres

Sukha Group Members

  1. Lawrence Bishnoi
  2. Jaggu Bhagwanpuria
  3. Preet Phagwara
  4. Kali Shooter
  5. Diljeet Bhana(best friend)
  6. Sonu Kangla
  7. Inder Sran
  8. Anmol Bishnoi

Life Story Of Sukha

Sukha had a few little confrontations in his younger months, but nothing serious. He had always wanted to move overseas.

Furthermore, Sukha’s family is already in the United States because Sukha had travel plans of her own. Sukha, however, did not allow him to go abroad because of some legal issues.  This policy prevents him from traveling overseas. In India, he lived with his brother, Sonu, who also died after the death of Sukha. As a result, the basic reason for his gang activity is this police case. Additionally, he is the subject of several unsolved crimes.  As a result of his continual terrible behavior, he was well-known across Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh. This post is about Sukha Kahlon Age, Wife, Death, Brother, Family, and Gangster.

Sukha Kahlon Wife

He was dating Harjinder Kaur when he was still a young man. Both later married and emigrated to Australia. Sukha’s wedding date is October 11, 2008. Later, in 2014, six years later, they divorce. Sukha claimed her spouse had an extramarital relationship.

Sukha relocated to India following the divorce. Sukha hasn’t warmed up to Lovely Baba since he went to India. However, Sukha and Lovely were close friends and very close to each other before this. Sukha reportedly treats a girl like her sister and has good wishes for her. On the other hand, Lovely tried to woo her.  Sukha actually kills Lovely Baba, but not before Lovely Baba absolutely hates Sukha. Apart from that, he wishes to execute Sukha. This post is about Sukha Kahlon Age, Wife, Death, Brother, Family, and Gangster. Read about Piper Rockelle Smith, who is known as an internet star.

Sukha Kahlon Death

On January 20, 2015, a gang under the leadership of Vicky Gonder murdered him in Phagwara, under the custody of the police. After his killing, his murderers celebrated in front of the cops. According to accounts, the police department was implicated in this death.

  • When he passed away, he was 28 years old.
  • Vicky Gounder also grew to hate Sukha when he passed away. He was friends with both Sukha and the lovely Baba. He also desires Sukha’s murder. But the police detained Sukha. In many publications, that was the headline.
  • Sukha was traveling from court to Naba prison that day, two luxury vehicles assaulted the police.
  • According to specific sources, the police department was also involved in this cruel operation. Anyway, Sukha was finally executed by Vicky’s mobster. 
  • In Sukha’s body, there were more than 100 bullets discovered.

Sukha Kahlon Education

He had little interest in academic achievements. For his basic schooling, his parents enrolled him in a regional school. According to the statistics, He dropped his academics midway. Furthermore, he never acquired decent grades in school. He tended to pick fights with his mates and badly beat them. Read about beautiful young American girl Lilliana Ketchman is a popular dancer, YouTuber, model,

Sukha Kahlon Family

Sukhvir Singh Kahlwan’s parents are intelligent and well-educated. They made several attempts to teach him etiquette and manners but were unsuccessful due to Sukha’s condescending attitude. Furthermore, His mother’s name is Harjinder Kaur, and his father is Sudarshan Singh, according to the reports. Sukha’s father is a well-known business executive in another country. Similarly,  His mother, on the other hand, is an extraordinarily brilliant lady. Sukha Kahlon’s social media platforms contain a few photographs of his family members. Let me notify you that his older brother’s name is Sonu Kahlwan, and he passed away a year ago. This post is about Sukha Kahlon Age, Wife, Death, Brother, Family, and Gangster.

Sharp Shooter

In the 15 years between 2000 and 2015, Sukha Kahlon was regarded as Punjab’s most notable gangster. Kahlun is well known to many others because of his shooting prowess and notoriety as a sharpshooter. Furthermore, he also took part in approximately 60 unlawful activities, including gang fights, robberies, and assassinations. There were forty-eight cases filed against Sukha. Kahlon had a gun and used it in little fights at school, but as he got older, he acquired a passion for murder. Because of his rough upbringing, he chose an incorrect path, and he worked as a gangster in Punjab from 2000 to 2015.

Sukha Punjabi Film Shooter

Let me inform you that a movie about the gangster Sukha’s life was created. The movie is called “Shooter.” According to reports, the movie was planned to hit theaters on February 21, 2020, but the chief minister of Punjab and other states disallowed it due to the violence. At last, the movie was ultimately released in theaters on January 14, 2022, following several delays (Friday). This post is about Sukha Kahlon Age, Wife, Death, Brother, Family, and Gangster.

Sukha Kahlon Interesting Facts

  • He came from a wealthy household and Sukha’s parents were US citizens. As a result, Sukha had property totaling more than 150 acres.
  • At the age of 17, Kahlon began to take part in his unlawful activities.
  • He was also known as ‘’Yara Da yar’’Because he was very sincere and diligent to friends.
  • Sukha married his love, but due to certain personal problems, they separated.
  • Sukha was a social personality. Even while in prison, he was active on Facebook. He routinely posts violent things to his Facebook account.
  • He had many friends but Diljeet Bhandal is the only friend whose name is publicly available!
  • In 2013, Sukha had 16k followers on his  Facebook Account and which is a big fan following.
  • In the coming months, Shooter, a controversial movie that was totally based on Sukha Kahlo’s life, will be released.