Shashi Naidoo Age, Height, Affairs, Net Worth, Sister, Husband

Shashi Naidoo is a multitalented woman from South Africa. She is an on-screen actress, TV moderator, model, MC, business visionary, and design blogger by profession. The E.TV. magazine program 20 Something is where Shashi gained the majority of his fame. She also helped to facilitate the nationwide [MMTV VJ Search] during this period. Her birthday is November 5, 1979. In this article, we are talking about attractive South actress Shashi Naidoo age, height, family & much more.

Shashi Naidoo is well-known on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. To view details on Shashi Naidoo’s social media profiles, scroll down. Shashi is “one of the 100 sexiest women in the world” in the FHM program for 2008. She also received a vote for number 14 and advanced in 2009. Shashi Naidoo now co-stars in South Africa’s witty TV program Tongue in Cheek on SABC 3. She also serves as a brand representative for Dermalogica, Diva Divine Hair, Tumi luxury travel bags, and Glam Palm hair straighteners. Read also about Krithi Shetty

Shashi Naidoo Age

This sexy woman was born November 5, 1979, in Port Elizabeth.  Shashi is now 44 years old and has an attractive and sexy look.

Shashi Naidoo Zodiac Sign

Scorpio is Sashi Naidoo’s horoscope sign. Astrologers claim that people born under the sign of Scorpio are passionate and forceful. Besides this, they are tenacious and resolute. They will also keep investigating until they get the truth. The sign of Scorpio makes a wonderful leader since it emphasizes resourcefulness and is always aware of the situation. This post is about Shashi Naidoo age, height, family & much more.

Shashi Naidoo Height

Naidoo is a fitness obsessive who places great value on her body and appearance. She seems much younger than her actual age, and the credit for this goes to her continued exercise and nutrition regimens. Shashi Naidoo weighs around 56 kilograms and is an average of 5 feet, 3 inches tall. Her alluring form is 38 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 36 inches tall, which is unquestionably the ideal stature for a model. According to American dimensions, Naidoo needs a dress size 4 because her bra size is 34D. Hot girl has gorgeous brown eyes, hair, and complexion, and she also has glowing light skin.

Educational Background

Shashi enrolled at Alexander Road High School (1997). After completing her basic education, she moved to Johannesburg to examine chiropractic prescriptions. She finished in 2007 at the University of Johannesburg. This article is about Shashi Naidoo age, height, and net worth.

Shashi Naidoo Family

Her father’s name is Harry and her mother’s name is Punji Naidoo. She shared this picture on her personal Facebook account with her father.

Shashi Naidoo Husband 

Shashi got married in 2009 but unfortunately, the couple split up in 2011.

Shashi Naidoo Affair

The public has always been interested in learning more about Naidoo’s personal life, particularly her relationships and dating history. She reportedly had a boyfriend named Ismail Hendricks, whom she met on a reality program, according to some websites. In 2005, they began dating, and it lasted for around four years. She got married to Mark Sandler in 2009, and they had a happy marriage for around two years. In 2011, they divorced. Naidoo may be single at the moment and is likely seeking a worthy, attractive man to become her companion.

Shashi Naidoo’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest movie actors in South Africa is Shashi Naidoo, whose net worth is now estimated at $2.5 million.


She made a breakthrough into the public eye in 2004 when she portrayed Ziggy’s better half, Linda McGinty, in the E! television serial opera Backstages. Shashi soon had a brief part in the SABC1 soap opera Generations. She also made an appearance in a supporting role in the 2007 small-scale Production Society. On October 2, 2007, she began collaborating with the SABC1 EMS Volume 1 teen magazine show. In 2008, Shashi had a six-month stint as Sureshni Patel in the MNET serial opera Egoli.

Shashi has appeared in numerous TV and print advertisements as a model and brand representative. She worked for different companies like Sun International Woolworths, Coke Zero International, MTN, Nivea, Brutal Fruit, Jet, Edgars, Rama, Discovery, IEC SA, Samsung, Malaysian Airways, SPAR Gsport Awards Ambassador, and others.

Shashi just hired one of Fashion with Feeling’s established personnel. The main non-profit organization in the fashion industry is this one. Its goal is to compel and interest those interested in the fashion industry who have a preference for children and young adults, who are typically ignored.

In June 2018, Naidoo shared a photo of a barrier depicting Israel’s approach to Hamas in the Gaza Strip on her Instagram page. Naidoo criticized Hamas for pursuing a “goal to destroy Israel” and called Gaza a “sh**hole.” Due to the kickback, several of Naidoo’s followers severed connections with him. After receiving passing threats from proponents of a blacklist of enemies of Israel, Naidoo later apologized. She also rescinded her statements and deleted her Instagram post. Later, she appeared at a news conference with representatives of the South African BDS movement and offered her regrets once more.

Shashi Naidoo Social Media Accounts

The renowned Shahsi’s profile has a presence on Wikipedia and a few other well-known Wiki sites. Her supporters may follow her on Twitter at @shashinaidoo to receive frequent updates from her. Additionally, Shashi has Instagram and Facebook accounts.

 Instagram account

Shashi Naidoo is a much more active user of Instagram, posting Story Highlights, images, and the usual selfies and personal life posts. She also posts about her performances and advertisements for her most recent projects and endeavors. Shashi Naidoo also maintains collections of “Story Highlights” from her travels across the world. You may access her Instagram account by clicking the link. This post is about Shashi Naidoo age and complete biography.

Facebook account

Selfies and screenshots of Shashi Naidoo’s magazine cover predominate on her Facebook page.

She updates her Facebook page frequently with updates on her work, hobbies, and daily activities, as well as information about her forthcoming tour dates and studio development. Shashi Naidoo is sparse with text on her Facebook profile and instead posts sexy magazine covers and videos.

Visit her account below if you’re interested in her sporadic Facebook videos and postings.

Twitter Account 

 On her Twitter and Instagram accounts, she has gathered more than 80,000 and 129,00 followers, respectively.