Rakhi Sawant Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband & Affairs

Rakhi Sawant Fatima is the hottest actress, dancer, and television personality from India Now after following Islam she has changed her name to Fatima Adil Khan Duranni but her real name is Neeru Bheda  She has appeared in numerous Bollywood films and has also participated in several reality TV shows, including Bigg Boss and Nach Baliye. In this article, we are discussing Rakhi Sawant Wiki, career, and family.

She has appeared in numerous Bollywood films and has also participated in several reality TV shows, including Bigg Boss and Nach Baliye. Known for her bold and controversial statements, Rakhi Sawant has been a popular figure in the Indian entertainment industry for many years. You can read about Jennifer Lawrence an American actress

Rakhi Sawant has gained popularity in the Indian entertainment industry for various reasons, including her bold and controversial statements, her appearances in Bollywood films, and her participation in reality TV shows. While she has been known for her glamorous and bold image, it is not accurate to say that she gained popularity solely as a “sexiest woman”. Her success and popularity can be attributed to her versatile career as an actress, dancer, and television personality.

Yes, Rakhi Sawant is known for being a controversial figure in the Indian entertainment industry. She has made several controversial statements and has been involved in numerous publicized feuds with other celebrities. Her bold and often outrageous behavior has also landed her in legal trouble on several occasions. However, she remains a popular figure and has a large fan following due to her entertaining and outspoken personality.

Rakhi Sawant Wiki

Date of BirthSaturday, Nov 25, 1978
Age45 Years
Birth PlaceAgra, Uttar Pradesh, India
ResidenceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
ProfessionActress, dancer, model, television & talk show host
EducationStudied SVKM’s Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institutes of Science & Amrutben Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics
FatherAnand Sawant
MotherJaya Bheda
SiblingsRakesh Sawant, Usha Sawant
BrotherRakesh Sawant
SpouseAdil Khan Durrani, but after the marriage, Adil left his wife Rakhi Sawant
Height5 feet 3 inches
Net Worthapprox ₹1 Million to ₹5 Million

Rakhi Sawant Age

The age of well-known actress Rakhi Sawant is 44 as of 2023. Her parents gave her birth in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on November 25, 1978. Rakhi appears older than she really is; yet, as of 2023, she will be 44 years old. At the age of 19, Rakhi made his debut in the movie business. His debut feature was the “Agni Chakra.”

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Zodiac Sign

Sawant is under the sign of Sagittarius.


There is not much information available about Rakhi Sawant’s educational qualifications. However, it is known that she completed her schooling at Goklibai High School in Vile Parle, Mumbai. After that, she pursued a career in the entertainment industry and became a popular actress and dancer. While it is unclear whether she attended college or pursued higher education, her success in the entertainment industry has made her a well-known public figure in India.

Rakhi Sawant Height

Rakhi Sawant is known for her bold and glamorous image, and her physical appearance has been a topic of discussion in the Indian entertainment industry. She is approximately 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and her weight is around 60 kg (132 lbs). Rakhi Sawant has undergone several cosmetic surgeries over the years, including breast augmentation and liposuction, to enhance her physical appearance. She is often seen in revealing and flashy outfits, and her style is known for being bold and attention-grabbing.

Rakhi Sawant Family

Swant came from a middle-class family. Her father, Anand Sawant, was a Mumbai police constable, and her mother, Jaya Bheda. Rakhi Sawant has a brother named Rakesh Sawant, who is a film director and producer in the Indian film industry.

Rakhi Sawant has been very private about her personal life, and not much is known about her relationships or marital status. In 2019, she made headlines when she announced that she had married an NRI businessman named Ritesh, but later admitted that it was a secret marriage and that she had kept her husband’s identity hidden from the public.

Rakhi Sawant Mother

Indra Sawant Jaya Bheda is the name of the mother of Rakhi Sawant. She once worked as a senior police officer. Jaya Bheda was active in Indian politics and has affiliations with numerous political organizations over the years. Along with her daughter Rakhi Sawant, she has also been on a number of television programs. On January 28, 2023, Jaya Behda passed away.

Rakhi Sawant Marriage

In the Instagram story of her account, well-known Indian actress Rakhi Sawant revealed her marriage registration to her pal Adil Durrani. Additionally, a video of Rakhi Sawant’s wedding has gone viral.

Adil and Rakhi Sawant may be seen signing the Nikah Nama while Qazi is present in the video below. A dupatta is also covering Rakhi’s head.

Rakhi Sawant Religion

 Sawant is a follower of Islam. Rakhi Sawant’s Islamic name is Fatima, Rakhi Sawant bint Anand Sawant, and the name of the bride is Adil Khan Ibn Azizullah Khan Durrani, according to the marriage document. Sawant’s dowry is listed as 51786 sika on the marriage certificate, although it is known that Rakhi Sawant has actually changed her faith. In this post, we are discussing Rakhi Sawant Wiki, career, and family

Is Rakhi Sawant Muslim?

After Rakhi Sawant married her close friend Adil Durrani on January 11, 2023, images and videos of the wedding went popular on the internet, prompting some to wonder whether Rakhi Sawant had actually converted to Islam. The marriage tapes did not provide any conclusive proof of Rakhi’s conversion to Islam. However, in the most recent video, it is evident that Rakhi adopted Islam after reciting the kalma and that Imam Sahib was also teaching her other Islamic prayers at the time of the wedding. View the video here:

Adil Khan Durrani Ex Girlfriend

Roshina Delavari, an Indian physician who specializes in clinical pharmacy, is Adil Khan Durrani’s ex-girlfriend. She is well-known for being Adil Khan Durrani’s girlfriend. Adil Khan Durrani is well-known for being Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend.

Adil Khan and Roshina, according to Roshina, have been dating for close to four years. However, when Rakhi Sawant received a call from Roshina on May 21, 2022, the news turned into a source of controversy. Rakhi claims that Roshina identified Adil as her boyfriend during the phone chat, saying they had been together for four years and he adores her. She warned Rakhi to stay away from Adil and told her about her positive interactions with him. After all this debate, Rakhi made the decision to bring up the subject with Adil. Adil reportedly responded that Roshina was her ex-girlfriend and that they were no longer in touch when questioned about her. Roshina claimed that the rumors about Rakhi and Adil’s relationship are untrue and that whatever is happening between them is not real. This article is about Rakhi Sawant Wiki, career, and family

What connection do Deepak Kalal and Rakhi Sawant have?

In the past, there were rumors of a relationship between Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal. Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal announced their engagement and impending nuptials on social media in November 2018. The announcement, though, turned out to be a PR gimmick for a forthcoming project, and the pair did not truly wed.

Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal have since engaged in a number of public altercations and made debatable comments about one another in the media. It is unclear at this point if the two are still in touch or involved in any way. This post is about Rakhi Sawant Wiki, career, and family.