Haroon Kadwani Age, Height, Dramas, Family & GF

Due to his youth and stunning looks, Pakistani actor Haroon Kadwani is frequently likened to Feroze Khan. Despite having little experience on the screen, he has become well-known because of his father, producer Abdullah Kadwani.

Haroon made his television debut in 2017 and has since made appearances in a number of telefilms made by his father. His acting skills and capacity to portray a variety of emotions are well-known. He has a promising future in the entertainment sector. The talented actor Haroon is from a family with experience in the entertainment business. He pursued a profession in acting because it was his passion. Haroon became well-known for playing Ali in the drama series “Mohabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai,” in which he co-starred with Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas.

He is now working on initiatives created by his father, but we anticipate seeing him on other platforms in the future. He is well-positioned for success in the sector, and his social media following is expanding. You can also get detail about Daniel Malik.

Haroon Kadwani Age

He was born on 6 September 1999 and now Kadwani is 23 years old as of 20223

Haroon Kadwani Zodiac Sign 

Kashwani is under the astrological sign of Virgo

Haroon Kadwani Height

Marital Statusunmarried
Height F5 feet 10 inches
Height m1.75 in meter
Height cm175 in centimeter

Educational Background

British Overseas School was where Haroon had his early schooling and earned his O levels. He finished his A-Levels at Cedar College in 2018. He completed his screen acting training in London after attending City Academy to study. He was involved in Taekwondo for nearly six years and won five gold prizes with a Kukkiwon Red-Black Poom belt, thus he had the talent and ability to maintain a great balance between his acting profession, sports, and education. He continued to train in Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing for two years while also taking part in a 15-day interschool football tournament.

He received the Man of the Series award for the cricket game played at British Overseas School. In the future, Haroon took a plane to London to begin his Foundation year at INTOCity and complete the short screen acting course. He graduated from CASS Business School in London after spending a year studying business management, digital innovation, and entrepreneurship, but he left soon after to relocate to Canada, where he will attend Toronto Film School in 2020 to pursue a career in acting for TV, cinema, and theater.

Haroon Kadwani Family

He is the son of a renowned producer, actor, and founder of Pakistan’s top production company, 7th Sky Entertainment, Abdullah Kadwani. One of the notable and prosperous producers and directors in the entertainment industry is Abdullah Kadwani. He worked as an actor in the early years of his career. In terms of their speaking styles and mannerisms, father and son are strikingly similar. As the oldest son, Haroon has three siblings: Shahveer, Rayyan, and one sister. The two youngest sons are still in school.


Haroon carried on his father’s tradition of acting in telefilms, drama serials, and TV advertisements during his first years of high school. He debuted in the entertainment business in 2008 with the screening of the seventh Sky Entertainment television movie, Humari Tumahri. He also appeared in the drama series Aurat ka Ghar Konsa and the telefilm Flirting Ke Side Effects.

Haroon Kadwani has also been featured in numerous TV commercials, including those for Green Tea, Coca-Cola, and Chocolate Chip Cookies from Bisconni. He also appears in a music video that Inter-Services Public Relations produced as a tribute to APS students.

Also, he appeared in the drama serials Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai and Izn e Rukhsat that were broadcast on Geo TV. In addition to acting, Kadwani has always been an excellent athlete. He enjoys playing football, cricket, mixed martial arts, and taekwondo.

On social media, he is active, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. To demonstrate that he is active and healthy, he posts images and brief videos of his everyday activities. With regard to his interests, friends, family, and career, Haroon maintains the ideal balance.

Haroon Kadwani Dramas

Usman Peerzada, Bushra Ansari, Javed Sheikh, and Sehar Khan were some of the seasoned actors who worked with Kadwani, making their appearances stand out in the entertainment world and assisting in his rise to prominence on social media. Because every single one of his dramas is a smashing success and well worth seeing, he is well-known among the top drama stars. Because he had a somber disposition, critics even appreciated his performance in the subsequent plays.

In the drama series “Izn-e-Rukhsat,” which aired on GEO and was created by his father, Haroon made his acting debut in 2017. Later, after appearing in the popular television show “Mohabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai,” which also starred Ayeza Khan, Kinza Hashmi, Imran Abbas, Shehzad Sheikh, and others, he rose to fame.


He made a comeback to the big screen in 2021 with the telefilm “Teri Meri Kahani,” starring Sehar Khan after a three-year absence. He co-starred with Kinza Hashmi in the 2022 telefilm “Ruposh” in another appearance.

Achievements and Awards for Haroon Kadwani

Due to his great personality and distinctive work, he quickly became well-known but hasn’t received any nominations for awards. His television series was well-received and even received praise from critics.

What is the relationship between Haroon Kadwani and Kinza Hashmi?

Together with their twin sister Minal Khan and Aiman Khan, Kinza Hashmi, and Saboor Aly have a circle of friends. Both are now married, leaving just Kinza single. She now makes an appearance alongside Haroon Kadwani. Followers believe they are both dating each other and have become well-known couples on social media.

Who is Haroon Kadwani family?

Haroon Kadwani was born in Karachi on September 6, 1999. He is the actor and producer Abdullah Kadwani’s son, who founded the top production company in Pakistan, 7th Sky Entertainment. Haroon finished his O-Levels at the British Overseas School. Afterward, in 2018, he graduated from Cedar College with his A-levels.

How old is Haroon Kadwani?

23 years (September 6, 1999)

Is Haroon Kadwani Sunni or Shia?

Haroon Kadwani Actor

Name:Haroon Kadwani
Date of Birth:6th September 1999

Where is Haroon Kadwani now?

Haroon Kadwani is in Toronto, ON, Canada.

How many children does Abdullah Kadwani have?

Kadwani, a well-known actor, director, and producer from Pakistan, has worked in the country’s cinema and television industries for more than 25 years. He’s got three kids.