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Glamourbuz is an online entertainment resource that offers news on celebrities from various categories, information on current trends in clothing, and useful articles on lifestyle and fashion. The website also receives commissions from affiliates. The team of professional digital marketers at Glamour Buz is also skilled in business education and instructs people on how to launch and expand their own companies.

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Anyone who wants to keep up with the most recent celebrity news, fashion developments, and lifestyle advice should check out Glamour Buz. The platform is a fantastic resource for learning how to launch and expand your own business because it also provides helpful business courses and resources.

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A growing and prosperous online entertainment platform called Glamour Buzz is dedicated to giving its readers the most recent data and sources on celebrities, fashion, lifestyle, and business.

Maheen Riaz

Maheen Riaz is a highly skilled digital marketer with extensive experience in the field. She has a degree from Punjab College and a certification in digital marketing from IDM Pakistan, giving her a strong foundation in the field.

Maheen has developed a wide range of skills in numerous facets of digital marketing over the course of her work and accumulated priceless expertise. She has a thorough understanding of search engine optimization methods and strategies as an SEO specialist. She is skilled at doing keyword research, editing website content, and applying both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to raise her website’s rankings in organic searches.

Maheen has a strong background in SEO and is a skilled content writer. She has focused on the entertainment industry, using her creativity and expertise to create captivating content for corporations. Writing blog posts, social media updates, or website text, Sumeira is an expert at creating content that connects with the target audience and improves her clients’ online presence.

Maheen Riaz is a valuable addition to any company trying to increase its online presence and attract niche customers to its website thanks to her extensive skill set and solid expertise in digital marketing. She is a capable and dependable specialist in the field of digital marketing because of her training, certification, and commitment to staying current with market trends.

Asia Iqbal

Asia Iqbal is a highly successful professional, With a master’s degree in education from Punjab University and a certificate in digital marketing from the IDM (Institute of Digital Marketing). She has established herself as a leading figure in the sector because of her solid educational background and love of digital marketing.

Asia is an expert in search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). Her proficiency in these fields has allowed her to increase her internet presence and create organic traffic for a variety of projects. She has worked on a variety of projects successfully, constantly producing excellent outcomes and attaining high ranks on search engine results pages.

Asia is currently the SEO Manager at ForkidsUSA, Supergirls. pk, and BikeBuzz.com, three illustrious companies. She deliberately employs SEO tactics in these jobs to enhance website performance, boost organic traffic, and raise search engine ranks. Asia has made a substantial contribution to these organizations’ development and success through her devotion and dedication to her work.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Asia has a keen interest in the fashion world. She keeps up with the rapidly changing environment of the industry and is knowledgeable about the most recent fashion trends. Because she is passionate about fashion, she can effectively design strategies for the fashion industry by fusing her understanding of digital marketing with her passion for the industry.