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BTS Jin’s

Jin, also known by his full name Kim Seok-Jin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor of the prominent seven-member South Korean K-pop boy band ‘BTS.’. Born on December 4, 1992, in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, he is best known as a member of the globally renowned boy band, BTS. His folks include his dad, who is the CEO of an organization, his mom, and his elder brother, Kim Seok Jung. As per sources, his senior sibling had introduced him to the hip-hop world.   

Jin BTS went to ‘Bosung High School.’ He finished his graduation from ‘Konkuk University’ on February 22, 2017, acquiring a degree in art and acting. During that time, Jin was concentrating on acting. Jin at first needed to join his dad’s organization.

Jin developed an early love of the arts, especially music. He took guitar lessons and participated in the chorus at his school. He had no idea he would become a well-known singer until Big Hit Entertainment, now known as HYBE Corporation, spotted him at a casting audition in 2010.

Jin, in spite of his fame, is a genuinely nice guy who likes to joke about with his bandmates and connect with his fans on social media. His optimistic demeanor and charming grin earned him the moniker “Worldwide Handsome” among his fans. Additionally, His popularity among BTS fans is global. Read BTS RM.

BTS Jin’s Age

 Born on December 4, 1992, in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, according to his birthday now he 30 years.

BTS Jin Zodiac Sign

He is under the astrological sign of Sagittarius.

BTS Jin’s Height

He is 1.79 meters (5 feet 10.5 inches) tall and weighs 63 kilograms (139 pounds). Jin has a slim build and is known for his good looks. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Jin is often praised for his wide shoulders and his good skin. He is also known for his sense of humor and his love of food.

Jin is a very attractive man and is often praised for his good looks. He is also known for his sense of humor and his love of food. Jin is a very popular member of BTS and is loved by fans all over the world. Read about Young Thug Net Worth.

Educational Background

 he completed his primary education at an Australian study camp. In fact, Kim wanted to become a journalist, but after seeing Kim Nam-Gil in Queen Seondeok, he changed her mind. He was discovered while still in junior high school by the South Korean K-pop agency SM Entertainment, although he turned down the offer at the time. Kim, who originally wanted to be an actor, completed his primary schooling at an Australian study camp before attending Konkuk University, where he graduated with a degree in film studies on February 22

Jin’s Family

In actuality, “his mother is a realtor and his father works for SK Telekom.” As BTS frequently travels the world in support of new songs, the members and their fans.

JIN gf

BTS member Jin is now single, although, like the majority of the other members of the group, he has previously dealt with dating rumors.

Comedienne Lee Gook Joo, especially when Jin complimented her in the first three BTS album notes, was the subject of the most persistent relationship rumors surrounding Jin.

When asked about rumors during a TV interview, the Korean comedy star said that she had become close to Jin, but few people believed her, and nothing actually happened.

We are really near. Fans connected the dots when he honored me in the ‘Thanks To’ part of his first three albums. There is info about Sean Paul read and enjoy.

Jin Career     

  • Jin made his stage debut on June 13 with “BTS.” They only released one album, titled “2 Cool 4 Skool.”   
  • Jin performed the solo track “Awake” off BTS’s 2016 “Wings” album. He delivered the main, jointly-created track. Along with Slow Rabbit, “Hitman” Bang, RM, J-Hope, June, and Pdogg, he co-wrote the song. The song peaked at number 6 on the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart and number 31 on the Gaon Music Chart. The song was later uploaded on “SoundCloud” in December of the same year in a Christmas-themed version by Jin BTS.   
  • The song “It’s Definitely You” was performed by Jin and fellow “BTS” member V. At the 2017 “Melon Music Awards,” the song helped Jin get a nomination for “Best OST Award.” The South Korean TV show “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” used it as a feature.   
  • ‘Epiphany’ was the title of the artist’s second solo. It was first made available on August 9, 2018, as a trailer for the compilation collection of “BTS” called “Love Yourself: Answer,” which was due out at the time.
  • On August 24 of that year, they subsequently released a complete version of the song as a part of the compilation album. The song debuted at number 30 on the Gaon Music Chart, number 5 on the South Korean version of the K-pop Hot 100 chart, and number 4 on the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart. Billboard described the song as having a “building pop-rock melody.”   
  • He also collaborated with Jungkook, another BTS member. They made available a different version of the song “So Far Away,” which was first made available by BTS member Suga (Agust D) in the latter’s self-titled mixtape “Agust D.”  

Other Achievements

Jin made his musical debut with the group “BTS” on their self-titled first album. On ‘BTS’ second album, ‘Wings,’ the solo single ‘Awake,’ which he co-produced, was released. His second solo song, “Epiphany,” made a big contribution to the compilation album “Love Yourself: Answer” by “BTS and peaked at high positions on numerous international charts, including the fourth position on the “Billboard World Digital Singles Chart.” Jin has become well-known all around the world as a member of “BTS.” 

BTS’s popularity has grown significantly over time, and Jin and the other members have won a great deal of recognition. Many of the group’s most well-known songs, such as “Blood Sweat & Tears,” “Spring Day,” and “Butter,” include Jin’s distinctive falsetto. 

Interesting Facts

As of 2016, Jin was able to add “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” to his acting resume in addition to “Jin” in the title. Since then, you may have seen him in films like “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” and “Law of the Jungle.” 

Jin is well-known for his generosity and the many causes he has supported financially over the years. He gave approximately $82,000 to a South Korean children’s hospital in 2018, and he also gave $88,000 to animal rights activists in Korea in 2020. 

Jin, in spite of his fame, is a genuinely nice guy who likes to joke about with his bandmates and connect with his fans on social media. Fans of BTS all over the world adore him for his upbeat demeanor and contagious grin, earning him the moniker “Worldwide Handsome.” 

Jin has also become an industry legend thanks to his incredible skill, perseverance, and commitment. And his impact on BTS’s success will always be remembered. Jin will surely always be an integral part of the group’s history of unprecedented success.

His father’s name is Lee Kun-hee who is the wealthiest man in Korea. His mum’s name is Hong Ra-hee. Jin is the third of four siblings. His family consists of his mother and father and an elder brother.

Is Jin’s father CEO of Samsung?

He is the chairman of Samsung.

Is Jin’s mom Miss Korea?

Yes, his mom is a former Miss Korea.

How rich is Jin?

approximately USD 21 million

The songs “Awake,” “Epiphany,” and “Tonight” all feature Jin on lead vocals. As of May 2023, BTS Boy has a net worth of around USD 21 million. Both HYBE stock and songwriting royalties are in his possession.

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