Sohail Ahmad Age, Height, Wife, and Children

Sohail Ahmad Age

Sohail Ahmed is an accomplished Pakistani film, television, and theater performer. Famous for his contributions to Hasb e Haal. He’s a great performer, and he’s working in Pakistani media. His comedic performances are equally well-known. He has experience from both Feeqa in America and Kaali Chaadar. Let to know about Sohail Ahmad Age, Height, Wife, Children, and bio.

Sohail Ahmad Azizi is renowned for his fervent arguments. He frequently criticizes women’s dance in theatrical productions. Sohail may be known as a comedian among viewers of stage productions, but much of his work on television is serious, especially in Pakistani television, where he frequently plays harsh and serious roles. He has experimented with roles ranging from mercenary to feudal lord. And now his son Hmza Sohail has entered the world of acting.

Hasb-e-Haal, a hit Dunya TV show, has him as a regular cast member. When he launched Hasb e Haal on Dunya News, Aftab Iqbal created the character of Azizi.

Quick Bio

Date of BirthWednesday, May 01, 1963
Age60 Years
Birth PlaceGujranwala, Pakistan
ResidenceGujranwala, Pakistan
ProfessionComedian, Stage And TV Actor
FatherMian Muhammad Akram
Mother(will update soon)
Siblings(will update soon)
BrotherMuhammad Junaid Akram, Javid Akram, and Mian Aurang Zaib Akram
Spouse(will update soon)
Weight70 KG
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
Net Worth(will update soon)

Sohail Ahmad Age

On May 1, 1963, Sohail Ahmed’s parents gave him birth On May 1, 1963,  in Gujranwala, Punjab. According to his date of birth now Sohail Ahmad’s age is 59 years as of 3023. This post is about Sohail Ahmad Age, Height, Wife, and Children you can also read about Sohail Ahmad Age, Height, Wife, and Children.

Sohail Ahmad Zodiac Sign

This actor is under the sign of Taurus.

Educational Background

Following his graduation from Millat High School and his Inter from Government College in Gujranwala, he completed his BA in a private setting. During his studies, he was a well-known hockey player.

Sohail Ahmad Height

Ahmad’s height is 5 Feet 10 Inches and his weight is 70 KG.

Sohail Ahmad Family

Sohail’s father, Mian Muhammad Akram, had a significant influence on him throughout his life. He was a principled, thoughtful, and structured person. Despite being a DSP in the police force, he was not haughty. The older brother of Sohail Ahmed, Dr. Javed, works as a journalist. On the television network “Kali Faqir Di,” he has been hosting programs about mystical poetry. His other brother, Prof. Aurangzeb, is a professor at Gujranwala, and Prof. Junaid Akram is a professor at a college in Lahore.

His father and grandparents both had a strong interest in science and literature, especially if his grandfather was known as Baba E Punjabi. Shahzeb, Khadija, Hira, Shah Rukh, Hamza, and Muhammad Ali, who is nine years old, are all the children of Sohail. This post is about famous stage actor Muneeb Butt


 His son Hamza Sohail nowadays has become the obsession of Pakistan tv and he has performed in the drama Raqeeb Se.

Main Hari Piya.

Fairy Tale.

Sohail Ahmed’s Net Worth

There is no info about his net worth, the article will be updated when we will get info about Sohail’s net worth.



When he was a young boy and saw his granddad on television in a literary program, he was enthralled. This interest turned into a consistent yearning when he went to the movies for the first time in his second year of college. His passion for acting was spurred by Kefi’s movie “Takht Ya Takht.” He shared a house with the well-known writer and director Awanji. One day without telling his family, Sohail Ahmed, and Sohail Akram went to the hotel where the play “Dolat Kay Pujari” by Awanji was being practiced.

Sohail portrayed a rogue hotel staff tasked with collecting money from his visitors in this Shahid Ijaz-directed drama. The theatrical crew also included Mastana, a well-known artist.

Sohail invited him to Lahore and introduced him to Fakhri Ahmed after their initial acquaintance turned into a friendship. He performed his first play, “Jamala Te Kamala,” in Lahore while still a student of “Taya Ji.”

Since then, he has gone on to star in numerous theatrical and television productions. In the television series Khirki Aur Aina, Fashaar, Shab Daig, Day, Haveli, Dukh Sukh, Ranjish, Kiran, Chotu Ki Kahani, Chotay, Ghareeb Shehar, Kachay Dhagay, Kajal Ghar, and Susar-in-law, he was excellent.

Career in Lollywood

In “Nawein Nakoor,” Pakistan’s first silver screen art film, Sohail played a hero. Nisar Hussain produced this movie for the London Film Festival. Sohail Ahmed served as the focal point of Usman Pirzada’s commercial “Gori Diyan Jhanjharan”. The London School of Arts’ documentary “Poetry of Iqbal” features Sohail, who has roles in five films, as Allama Iqbal. He once wrote an article for the Daily Jang while serving as managing editor of the daily “Tehelka” for a year and a half.


Hasb E Haal is a political comedy program on Dunya News. It started in 2009. The basic idea for this show was created by Aftab Iqbal. In a humorous way, the show discusses economic and social topics. Sohail plays the role of Azizi. The satirical depiction of political subjects amuses the audience. Azizi makes fun of a number of social and political figures. He dons costumes to represent Amil Baba, Surelay Khan, Master Majeed, Feeka, and Master Majeed. The lower sections of society are represented by Sohail Ahmed as Feeka.

How many children does Sohail Ahmed have?

According to Wikipedia, His two children include Hamza Sohail, a London-born MBA who will make his acting debut in Raqeeb Se on Hum TV in 2021.

How old is Sohail Ahmad?

60 years as of 2023

Who are the actors in Susar in Law?

The drama’s well-known stars include Sohail Ahmad, Qavi Khan, and Faisal Rehman. Dr. Younus Butt is the author and producer of this drama. The drama’s director is Muhammad Iftikhar Iffi.

Stage Dramas

  • Mental Hospital
  • Roti Khool Do 1&2
  • Aik Tera Sanam Khaana
  • Kottha
  • Feeqaa In America
  • Kali Chadar
  • Shartiyaa Meethay
  • Nawaab Zaada
  • Meethi Biryaani
  • Jb Daagh Nazar Ayaa 1&2
  • Baraa Mazaa Ayee Gaa
  • Nizaam Saqa
  • Wonderful
  • Mein BV Aur Chor
  • Shabaash Beghum
  • Ashiqoo Gham Naa Karo
  • Soeey Laal
  • Baba Daang
  • Topii Drama
  • Sawaa Seer
  • Ketchup
  • No Tension
  • Andaaz Apnaa Apnaa
  • Aik Jhoot Aur Sahe
  • Love Spot
  • Baba Cable
  • Drbaar Lagaoo
  • Bajay Walon Ke Baraat
  • Bran Masalay
  • Titli
  • Ishq Hwaa Chorii Chorii
  • Feeka In London
  • Garam Garam
  • Kuryaan Mundaay Chaal Baaz
  • Welaay Masroof
  • Teray Payaar Mein Jaani
  • Allah Waaris


  • Kiran
  • Fishaar
  • Din
  • Susar In Law
  • Kajhal Ghar
  • Judaa
  • Ulluu Barayee Farokhht Nahein
  • Shab Daig
  • Kharidaar
  • Sham
  • Andleeb
  • Malangii
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Mashwaraa Muft Hey
  • Qaasmi Kahaniyaan
  • Dukh Sukh
  • Hawelii
  • Raigzaar
  • Raiza Raiza
  • Cchotay
  • Gaarib E Shehar
  • Saraay Gaamaay
  • Sohail Clinic
  • Chubhan


  • Hasb E Haal
  • Do Tok
  • Documentaries
  • Poetry of Allama Iqbal
  • Nawaan Nakoor


  • Jawani Phir Nahein Anii 2
  • Punjab Nahein Jaoon Ge
  • Ghori Diyan Chanjharan
  • Qanon Apnaa Apnaa
  • Taizaab
  • Lakhan
  • Qismat
  • Umar Mukhtaar

Awards and honors

  • Sohail Ahmad gained Pride of Performance Award from the President of Pakistan in 2011
  • Ahmad also got the Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence) Award from the President of Pakistan in 2013

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