Ducky Bhai Bio Age, Height, Net Worth, and Wife

Ducky Bhai Bio

Ducky Bhai Bio: Saad Rahman is one of the famous persons, who gain fame as social media celebrity, well known as Ducky Bhai. Saad Rahman’s parodies, prank calls, and critiques have given him an enormous following on social media. Saad is unquestionably one of Pakistan’s richest and most well-known YouTubers. Ducky never shies away from the spotlight with a pzazz centered around vile remarks, making fun of people, and focusing on them merely to make his audience laugh.

Saad is Pakistan’s first and most well-known roaster, as well. Ducky Bhai is a well-known roaster who adores video games.

He has a following on social media thanks to his parodies, prank calls, and criticism. Without a doubt, Pakistan’s most contentious YouTuber is Ducky Bhai. With a pzazz centered around filthy insults, making fun of individuals, and focusing on them just to make his audience laugh, Ducky never shies away from the limelight.

He is the first and most well-known roaster in Pakistan. A well-known roaster who enjoys video games is known as Ducky Bhai. 

A YouTuber named Ducky Bhai has been successful in earning millions of dollars for both himself and his channel. He made a modest start in his career and has developed into something to be proud of. You can read about Ducky Bhai Bio, upbringing, education, real name, and other details in this post.

Ducky plays Pubg Mobile on a virtual machine. He is friends with renowned YouTubers and gamers from Pakistan. His Pubg Mobile id is NotDuckyBhai.

Saad Rahman established his YouTube channel in February 2017. 

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Saad Ur Rehman Bio

Date of BirthSunday, Dec 21, 1997
Age26 Years
Birth PlaceLahore, Pakistan
ResidenceKarachi, Pakistan
Mother(will update soon)
SpouseAroob Jatoi
Height5 feet 6 inches
Net Worth$ 225K – $ 1.35M from Youtube channel

Ducky Bhai Age

A little bit about Ducky’s history: in 1997, he was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Now Ducky’s age is 25 years as of 2023. 

Ducky Bhai Zodiac sign

Mr. Ducky is under the sign of Capricorn.


His age was three years when his family relocated to Japan. He returned to Pakistan after completing his primary schooling in Japan. Then Ducky registered for a nearby school during his time in school. He was unable to remain there for very long, though. He actually discontinued his studies at Concepts University in Lahore in the third or fourth semester. Then he started online working. This article is about Ducky Bhai Bio Age, Height, Net Worth, and Wife. Also enjoying read about Noah Beck’s sister Tatum Beck.

Ducky Bhai Family 

His father is a Computer scientist and got a degree in computers from Japan. Saad’s family lived in Lahore but when he was 3 years they went to Japan. His younger brother’s name is Muneeb.


Saad  Rahman got married to Aroob Jatoi in January 2023. Aroob Jatoi is a stunning young woman who enjoys a large following on social media. She is a YouTube video creator, influencer, and cosmetics artist. She has won numerous awards for YouTuber of the Year thanks to the popularity of her vlogs. Aroob Jatoi has a sizable Instagram following and is well-known for her stunning appearance. 

Ducky Bhai Net Worth

He owns around 3 Million US Dollars but it is no confirmed news about his net worth. Pakistani celebrities mostly have details about their net worth secret.

Ducky Bhai FB account :

He has 1.1M followers on his Fb account as of May 2023, the link is below.


Ducky Bhai Instagram account:

There are 2.7M followers on Instagram as of May 2023, visit the below link.


Ducky Bhai Twitter account

There are 368.4K Followers on his Twitter account as of May 2023. visit the below link


Ducky Bhai youtube channel

There are 4.76M subscribers and 354 videos on his Ducky youtube channel as of May 2023. Visit the below link


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This page was about Ducky Bhai Bio Age, Height, Net Worth, and Wife.


Saad Rahman began his YouTube career in 2014, but it wasn’t until he started making reaction videos to Pakistani dramas and films in 2018 that his reputation really took off. Due to his distinctive commentary and sense of humor, he quickly grew to be one of Pakistan’s most well-known YouTubers.

On his YouTube account, Saad also produces skits, comedy videos, and vlogs in addition to reaction videos. He has worked with other Pakistani YouTubers including Mooroo and Zaid Ali and has conducted interviews with well-known people like Ali Zafar and Mehwish Hayat.

The well-known charity figure Saad has raised money for a number of charities. He worked with other YouTubers to gather money for the Edhi Foundation 2021, a non-profit that offers social services in Pakistan. In 2020, he assisted in raising funds for Covid-19 relief in Pakistan.

For his work, Saad Rahman has obtained numerous honors, including the Best Comedy YouTuber trophy at the 2019 Pakistan YouTube Awards. As of March 2023, he had over 1.8 million YouTube subscribers, 1.1 million Instagram followers, and 610,000 Twitter followers, demonstrating his significant online presence.

Overall, Ducky Bhai has emerged as one of Pakistan’s most important content producers and made a big contribution to the development of YouTube in the nation.

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