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sulaiman isa khan age

 Sulaiman Isa Khan is the older son of Imran Khan who is the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan, a former cricketer who was a Captian of the national cricket team of Pakistan. Now Sulaiman Isa Khan Age 26 years old as of 2023. He won the world cup in 1992 for his country. He is the hero of his country and all people of Pakistan love him. But after his retirement from cricket he made Shouket Khanum Hospital for the treatment of cancer patients, this hospital offers free treatment. And after that, he decided to join politics and made his political party Tehreek Insaaf. In 2018, he won the election and become the prime minister of Pakistan. But he could not complete his time period because the establishment of Pakistan and opposition parties made united against him and disqualify him.

As a result regime change operation was operated by Pakistan’s enemies countries. But Pakistani people don’t accept this regime change and favored Imran Khan. Pakistani people love him very much and follow him as a leader that is the reason they are ready to sacrifice their lives for his security. Khan and His wife, Jemima Goldsmith, have two children, Sulaiman Isa Khan, and Qasim Khan. Lovers of Imran Khan want to know about his family and sons. This article is for those who love Khan and want to know Suleman Khan. You can also read about Murad Saeed who is a well-known party worker of PTI.


NameSulaiman Isa Khan
AliasesSulaiman Isa, Sulaiman Khan
Sulaiman Isa Khan Age26 years as of 2023

Sulaiman Isa Khan Age

Isa Khan’s parents gave him birth on 22 November 1996 so he is now 26 years old as of 2023.

Sulaiman Isa Khan Zodiac Sign

Isa Khan is under the sign of Scorpio.

Sulaiman Isa Khan Religion

The youngsters appear to have a strong connection to their religion despite spending most of their time in England with their mother. Before getting married to Imran Khan, Jemima Goldsmith converted to Islam. She is now a powerful Muslim woman on a global scale.

2020  PM Imran posted a rare photo of his sons in Kenya back in February.

The lads were dressed in traditional African garb, or “jubbas,” as well as prayer hats common among African-Muslim men. In Lamu, Kenya, the brothers had prayed on Friday.


Sulaiman Isa Khan’s educational background is not fully available online, but he does show political interest, much like his parents. Sulaiman enthusiastically participated in Zac’s campaign tactics in 2016 as a conservative party candidate for the position of London mayor, continuing in the political footsteps of his uncle Zac Goldsmith. Sadiq Khan, a candidate for the Labour Party, was the target of the campaign. You can also get info about Abdu Rozik.

Sulaiman Isa Khan Family

Families that Sulaiman Isa Khan came from

On his father’s side, Sulaiman Khan has a number of aunts, including Rubina Khanum, Uzma Khanum, Rani Khanum, and Aleema Khanum. India Jane Birley, Isabel, and Charlotte Goldsmith are his maternal aunts.

The most recent information indicates that Sulaiman Isa Khan is certainly choosing politics as his permanent profession. His 2016 election campaign for the youth wing alongside his uncle was extensively reported by UK media.

Father of Sulaiman Isa Khan

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, the father of Sulaiman Khan, played cricket professionally for more than 20 years and amassed enormous popularity. After leaving the realm of cricket, he demonstrated a keen interest in politics. He is now regarded as one of the most significant and well-known figures in the nation.

By founding Namal College and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center, he performed some charitable efforts. At various points in his life, Sulaiman’s father has been married three times. The first union took place in 1995 with Sulaiman’s mother, and the second one happened in 2014 with writer Reham Khan. In 2018, he married Bushra Maneka for a third time.

Sulaiman Khan Mother

Sulaiman Jemima Marcelle Goldsmith, the mother of Sulaiman Isa Khan, is a British social activist, journalist, socialite, movie producer, and campaigner. Jemima has experience producing television documentaries and working as a scriptwriter. She is philanthropic and worked closely with Shaukat Khanum’s ex-husband Imran Khan on numerous fundraising initiatives before their divorce..

Two years later, they welcomed their first child, a son named Sulaiman Isa Khan. A few months prior to being married, Jemima reportedly converted to Islam, according to media reports.

She made a film on Pakistani culture What’s Love Got To Do With It? Jemima wrote this film herself and Pakistani actress Sajal Ali is playing the main role in this movie.

Interests and Hobbies

Sulaiman Isa Khan, as he is known in the media, is a pleasant and bright young man with a dream and vision to improve humanity and change people’s lives in the future. Along with his mother, he takes part in a lot of social activities. Sulaiman Khan enjoys playing cricket, watching movies, reading books, and sharing meals with his loved ones.

Accounts on social media for Sulaiman Isa Khan

Sulaiman Isa Khan does not have any official social media profiles, hence he is not interested in managing any of them. Some fans and followers have created a few unauthorized accounts for Sulaiman Khan and are using them. Sulaiman’s Pictures were once shared by these unofficial accounts as being of him, however, Jemima Goldsmith said, “This is also a phony account. kindly report. Social media is not used by my kids. Oh, thank God. In this post, we are discussing Sulaiman Isa Khan Age, career, and family.

Sulaiman Isa Khan Political Career

Sulaiman also decided to pursue a career in politics, and he is currently working toward this goal. He has contributed to the election campaign of his mother’s brother, Zac Goldsmith. Sulaiman Isa Khan oversaw Zac Goldsmith’s youth wing in 2016.

Sulaiman’s involvement in the Mayoral Elections on behalf of his uncle Zac Goldsmith was noted by UK media.

Sulaiman Isa Khan is a young, charming, and brilliant youngster who aspires to become a successful politician in the future and improve people’s lives, according to a London newspaper.

Sulaiman Isa Khan enjoys playing cricket, going to the movies, eating meals with his family, and reading books.

The father of Sulaiman, Imran Khan, has been married three times: once to Sulaiman’s other Jemima, once to Reham Khan, and once to Bushra Maneka. In this article, we are discussing Sulaiman Isa Khan Age, career, and family.

Final Line

Following his most recent political activity, Sulaiman Isa Khan was highlighted in a London publication. According to the publication, Sulaiman is a bright, diligent, courteous, clever, and endearing young guy who aspires to work in politics. His father continued to see him and his brother every two weeks after his parent’s divorce.

When Sulaiman Khan and his brother skipped his father’s oath-taking ceremony in Pakistan, it garnered media attention in that country. His father later clarified that he did not want to. Sulaiman and his brother Qasim visited their father and stayed with him at Bani Gala for four days after he assumed office as Pakistan’s 22nd Prime Minister. This post is about Sulaiman Isa Khan Age, career, and family. You can also enjoy learning about, Noah Beck who is a trending social media celebrity.

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