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Hadiya Hashmi

Hadiya Hashmi is a young Pakistani singer who rose to popularity after making her debut in the Nescafe Basement Season 5 song “Bol Hu,” which was uploaded to YouTube on February 1, 2019. She was only eight years old, but her God-given ability to sing incredibly high notes while also being proficient at low notes impressed a lot of music fans. After being posted on YouTube, the “Bol Hu” video quickly went viral, notably in Pakistan and India. Global YouTube users created reaction videos to the song “Bol Hu,” in which Hadiya Hashmi and the well-known band “Soch” were included. Since then, Hadiya has been invited to appear on numerous Pakistani TV shows, and every fan of music there is anxious to learn more about her.

She told Noman Ejaz’s program Sarkar that she participated in her school’s competition for the first time and sang Milli Naghama aye Watan Ke Sajile Jawano and won the first position. She also said” I started with Anthems, and participated in the contest for one year in Nazryia Pakistan and won 2020 competition” There is also information about Zaeden Wiki

Hadiya Hashmi Age

This young Pakistani singer is 13 years old as of 2023.

Hadiya Hashmi Zodiac Sign

Educational Background 

 Hadiya, a ninth-grade student at a nearby school, is the only person in her family who plays music and is really passionate about it.

Hadiya Hashmi Height

Hashmi is 5 inches tall and weighs 48 kg. Hadiya is a young girl, and at this age, her height and weight are changing. The article will be updated with time, so to get fresh and updated news about your favorite persons, visit the sleek style.

Hadiya Hashmi Family

Hadiya’s family resides in Lahore, and her father works as a tailor for the Mayo Hospital Lahore. Hadiya is the youngest of her five sisters, and she has one brother as well.

Hadiya Hashmi Husband

She is only 13 years old and focused on her singing career and studies. You can also know about Chase Hudson.


Music Transport Hadiya was born with an incredible voice. At first, She has been taking part in national singing competitions and Naats (praise of the Holy Prophet PBUH) at her school. Hadiya claimed in a TV interview that she discovered her gift on her own. She told her father she wanted to enter the national singing competition at her school. She stunned her teachers with her talent after her first performance at school. After that, she has taken part in several events both independently and on behalf of her school. In a television interview,

Hadiya stated that she told her father she wanted to take official music lessons when she 7 years old. Hadiya’s father took her to a local music teacher named Zia-ul-Haq. He owns a music academy by the name of “Sur Tall Academy” after realizing Hadiya’s aptitude and enthusiasm for music. Hadiya’s God-given gift was instantly recognized by Zia, who then began to train her. Zia worked hard to fulfill his objective of appearing in Nescafe Basement season 5, and in the end, nine of his academy’s students appeared. One of them was Hadiya, and the opening track of season five was “Bol Hu,” which featured her.

Sur Taal Academy

Hadiya practices classical music for three hours a day at the “Sur Taal Academy,” where she is receiving formal instruction. Her voice is incredibly lovely, and many people are surprised by its range of it. Additionally, She is capable of singing the most challenging songs by well-known Pakistani artists in their manner. She gained a lot of admiration for her voice range, passion, control, and expressions after her role in “Bol Hu.”.

Zia, her teacher, said when she was discussing her devotion that she never gets weary, regardless of how long a practice session lasts. Hadiya stated that Madam Noor Jehan, a prominent Pakistani vocalist, is one of her all-time idols. She gained her start singing after hearing several of her own nation’s songs.

Upcoming plans Hadiya is also extremely passionate about music and wants to pursue a career as a singer. Furthermore, she has a strong desire to pursue further education and a career as a doctor of medicine. There is complete information about Nia Kay Age who is a British musician is a rising star

Hadiya Hashmi Bol Hu-Heart touching❤

She became an overnight success for all the right reasons after giving her debut performance of the song Bol Hu. Hadiya, is considered by some to be the newest Sufi sensation of our day. She expertly handles the composition while Adnan Dhool sings the song’s spiritual lyrics. It was a joy to see a fifth grader hit such high notes and end them so naturally.

When she performed with Atif Aslam, she charmed a live audience. Hadiya worked her magic once more as she sang Ae Watan Ke Sajeelay Jawano by Noor Jahan. Moreover, The young girl’s voice mastery and control appeared to impress Atif.

With its powerful lines, Bol Hu explores the mystical path of soul-searching. It enthralls you into a trance of devotion and belief. Self appeared impressed by the girl’s vocal prowess and control.

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