Justin Bieber Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, GF

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber, one of the all-time great pop vocalists, has a dominant impact. Since his entry into the pop industry in 2008, he has become a brand unto himself and touched it. One of the best-selling musicians of all time, Bieber has also sold more than 150 million records worldwide. With more than 265 million Instagram followers, he is one of the most powerful celebs in the world. As a famous person, Justin Bieber holds an important position in society. What is Justin Bieber net worth is 485 Million Dollars. Read also about Taylor Swift 

Justin Bieber Age

Justin Bieber, who is our favorite, was born on March 1st, 1994. Yes, his birthday is quickly approaching, and now He is  28 years old. Additionally, He follows Christ with devotion. He has numerous tattoos on his body that reflect his philosophical views.

Justin Bieber Zodiac Sign

Bieber is under the astrological sign of Pisces. This post is about Justin Bieber net worth, age height, and family. You also read about more singers like

Justin Bieber height

The approximate height of Justin Bieber in feet is 5 feet and 9 inches. If you’d rather use a different method of measurement, Justin Bieber’s height is 175 centimeters. Bieber’s height varies depending on the shoes he prefers that day, although he has been photographed next to people who are supposedly 6 feet tall and have stood equally tall.

Bieber might be able to appear as tall as, if not taller than, his fellow countrymen with the use of a pair of elevator shoes. There is all info about Justin Bieber net worth, age height, and family in this post.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

As of 2023, Young pop star Bieber Justin net worth is $485 million.

Justin Bieber Education

Handsome celeb, Justin Bieber belongs to a prosperous family from London, Ontario, Canada. He completed his elementary school at Jeanne Sauve Catholic School in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, where he spent his formative years. After that, he enrolled at St. Michael Catholic Secondary School, where he successfully earned his high school diploma in 2012.

He took a keen interest in learning many musical instruments during his formative years, including the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet. He also took part in a local singing competition in Stratford, where he placed second after singing the So Sick song first. His mother used to post his videos on her YouTube channel for the benefit of her relatives and friends. During the Canadian trip season at the same time, he also used to solicit programs in front of Avon Hall. There is all info about Justin Bieber net worth, age height, and family in this article.

Justin Family

His mother’s name is Pattie Mallette, he never married his father. She made the decision to keep Justin and raise him by herself. His maternal grandparents also look after him. From his father and stepfather, he has younger half-brothers and sisters. 

Justin Bieber Gf

Millions of Beliebers are constantly interested in learning who Justin Bieber’s girlfriend is, and we’ve got you covered right here.

Selena Gomez

He received a lot of tabloid attention due to his sexual relationships (including one with Selena Gomez) and run-ins with the law.

Sofia Richie 

Sofia Richie was the girl Justin Bieber dated. She was one of Justin Bieber’s younger girlfriends at the age of 17. 

Jeremy Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Jennifer Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin was another woman Justin frequently appeared with, and the two were quite close.

Kendall Jenner with Justin Bieber. we are discussing Justin Bieber net worth, girlfriends and family in this post.

Kendall Jenner 

He gets along well with the entire Kardashian family, but when witnesses noticed Justin and Kendall cuddling up at Coachella, rumors of a relationship started to circulate. 

Ariana Grande 

Due to the fact that both Justin and Ariana are under Scooter Braun’s management, they frequently cross paths, although it was said that Big Sean ended their relationship because of their close embraces on stage during Ari’s “Honeymoon Tour.” Naughty! Snapshot: Splash

Yovanna Ventura

Yovanna used to feature in countless photos that JB posted until she abruptly… vanished off the face of the planet. The rumored relationship between the two appears to be over for the time being.

Shaik Shanina

Prior to the Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing contest, Justin and Shanina were photographed at a pool party together in May. JB had taken Shanina as his date to the event. 

Miranda Kerr 

When they were both in Ibiza, Justin’s flirtations with Victoria’s Secret model Miranda led to a fight with her ex, Orlando Bloom, who claimed they had been getting close at a VS fashion presentation. 

Barbara Palvin 

Justin and YET ANOTHER VS model, huh? After the two started tweeting at each other and were frequently seen together, there were rumors that Justin and Barbara were dating. 

Miley Cyrus selfie Meryl Cyrus

Although Miley and Justin may appear to have been apart from birth, their alleged relationship is among the strangest yet. An American publication stated that Miley had hooked up with Justin and been pregnant back in April. 

Rita Ora

When asked about Justin Bieber in prior interviews, Rita responded, “Who doesn’t?” According to reports, JB was partially to blame for Rita’s breakup with Calvin Harris since he allegedly became irritated that the two had become too close in the recording studio. 

Adriana Lima

According to Us Weekly, Justin and Adriana allegedly got together at Cannes in 2014 after “he pursued her aggressively” and the two departed together at five in the morning. Undoubtedly, the boy adores. visit regularly The Sleek Style for updated info about Justin Bieber net worth, age height, and family in this post.

Justin Bieber Biography

Full name/real nameJustin Drew Bieber
Known asJustin Bieber
Birth dateMarch 1, 1994
Birth placeLondon, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian 
School St. Michael Catholic Secondary School
Education Graduated (12th grade)
Mother’s namePatricia Elizabeth “Pattie” Mallette (film producer and author)
Sexual orientation Straight 
Ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez
Wife Hailey Rhode Bieber
Married year2018
Career Actor, rapper, songwriter, and singer
Genres Hip hop, R&B, and Pop
Instrument skillsTrumpet, guitar, and drum
Net worth (2023)$485 million
Height 5 feet 7.5 inches – 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 145 lbs (roughly 66 kg)

His mother shared a video of his participation on YouTube when he joined a local singing contest in 2007 and came in second rank among family and close friends who couldn’t join. Later on, she streamed more unprofessional videos to YouTube, in which Bieber interpreted well-known rhythm and blues (R&B) songs and infrequently picked up an acoustic guitar. These films attracted viewers who weren’t expected to watch them right away. One of the numerous people who saw Justin Bieber’s videos and urged the 13-year-old singer to record demos at an Atlanta studio was a music entrepreneur and studio executive by the name of Scott (“Scooter”) Braun. While they were there, Justin Bieber and R&B artist Usher prepared an impromptu audition. After being struck by Bieber’s inherent boldness and musical ability in late 2008, Usher assisted to sign him to a recording contract.

Officially starting in 2009

In May 2009, Justin Bieber released his debut album, the bouncy puppy-love tune “One Time.” Six months later, he produced the seven-track EP My World, which had glittery pop with R&B undertones in the majority of the songs. By this time, the album had already sold over a million records, and he had seen a substantial increase in the number of girls who considered him to be their heartthrob. 

He achieved the feat with the full-length album My World 2.0 (2010), which debuted at the top of the Billboard pop charts. Rapper Ludacris makes a surprise presence in the album’s opening single, “Baby,” which peaked at number five on Chart singles chart. Additional tracks also reached the Top 40. The official “Baby” video also became the first to reach 500 million views on YouTube. Bieber has gained an enormous amount of fame as a result of his dedication to social media sites like Twitter and his frequent media appearances.


Both the autobiography book Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story and the album My Worlds Acoustic, which had pulled versions of his music, were released later in 2010. The next year saw the premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, a documentary that also includes 3-D live video.


Justin Bieber was capable of keeping his fame thanks to the associated album Never Say Never: The Remixes (2011) and the holiday-themed Under the Mistletoe (2011), both of which reached the top spot in the US and Canada.

With the successful and wealthy Believe (2012) and Believe Acoustic albums from 2012, Bieber displayed a more mature sound, with the hit single “Boyfriend” echoing Justin Timberlake’s silky R&B.


The first three singles from the album Intention all reached position one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2015, attracting fresh fans outside of his core demographic of younger listeners. In 2015, Justin Bieber delivered vocals to Jack Ü’s Grammy Award-winning electro-pop song “Where Are Ü Now.” Subsequent musical partnerships led to the creation of other well-known tunes. The 2018 marriage of Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin spurred changes (2020). His sixth studio album, Justice, was released in 2021. This post is about Justin Bieber net worth, and other personal info, visit The Sleek Style regularly to get updated details about celebrities.

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